Doc Were Stuck

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Nicole Aniston and Xander were engaging in some cheating fun when Xander’s dick got stuck! They’re a medical marvel to Dr. Kendra Lust, who has been assigned the task of removing Xander’s hard cock from Nicole’s super tight pussy. With a little lube and a lot of foreplay, Dr. Lust works her magic. How will the couple ever repay her?

The sexiest and bustiest Doctors and Nurses take care of their patients!

Getting Out Of Detention

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Lucas Frost has been passing notes in class and being disruptive. His teacher Kendra Lust is pissed and horny, and she orders detention for the unruly young stud. Seeing Lucas’ desperation to get out of detention in order to attend a game, Kendra sees her opportunity to finally fulfill her fantasy and shove his young thick cock down her MILF throat!

Experience counts!