Personal Trainers: Session 2

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Kendra Lust feels guilty about cheating on her fiance with her personal trainer, but the workout was so good she comes back for more. With Keiran gone for the day she’s in the hands of his assistant, Abigail Mac, who’s just as horny and aggressive as her boss. After a long workout, Abigail can’t wait to take Kendra for a spin. Kendra is reluctant, she doesn’t want to cheat again. But Abigail always gets what she wants. She licks Kendra’s pussy as she works out then scissors her right there in the gym for everyone to see, including Xander. After they both cum, the girls head to the shower for some more fun, and it’s not long before Xander joins them!

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Personal Trainers: Session 1

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Kendra Lust‘s wedding is only a month away, and she needs to get into the best shape of her life. Enter Keiran Lee, the world’s fittest personal trainer. His methods may be unorthodox but he gets results. Kendra’s about to find out that the quickest way to a hard body is riding a hard cock!

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Cheated on My Husband and Loved it

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Kendra Lust‘s husband is a weak man, and can’t give her what she’s craving. But he’s rich, and she loves her lavish lifestyle. Kendra has started to get together with a hot guy she met at the gym, and when her husband leaves for a golf day, her new man comes over to relieve her boredom. On this particular occasion, they are taking their affair to a whole new level, when he brings a friend along to join in the fun… Kendra is so excited, and when they arrive, she doesn’t waste any time in seducing them both. This day is going to be double the fun!

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Yoga Fucked

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Jenna Sativa was studying over at her friend Alison’s house trying to concentrate. She could not keep her mind on the books while Alison’s smoking hot step mom was working out doing yoga. Jenna was just staring at her pose showing off her curves. Kendra Lust noticed this and asked Jenna to hold her feet down while she did her exercise. Jenna jumped right up to help and planted her face right near Kendra’s ass to get a good view. Jenna could not help it, and Kendra caught her again so she hurried back to go study with Alison. Then Kendra came and told Alison that she should do her chores and clean up since her father would be returning soon. As soon as Alison left the room, Kendra snatched Jenna right up and took her to the living room. She put her up against a wall and started playing and working her sweet ass. It was not long before she had her tongue buried deep in Jenna’s pussy and ass while she moaned. They took the action to the couch were Kendra had to keep shutting Jenna’s mouth so she wouldn’t make too much noise while Alison swept up. You don’t want to miss one second of these two hotties with tight bodies going at it all while keeping it on the down low! Let’s hope they don’t get caught…

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Need A Hand

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Alex D is busy cooking up some dinner for his friends while they watch the big game. Only, one of Alex’s friends has brought his sexy wife, Kendra Lust, to crash the party. She not only offers to help Mr. D in the kitchen, but she gets hands on, with his dick that is! Will Alex succumb to the seductress that is Ms. Lust, or will he be able to not only finish cooking dinner but also give Kendra the delicious dicking she’s hungry for?

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